About Bookia

Bookia allows you to book a table at your favourite restaurants in a couple of minutes, literally! Bookia has been built by a team in Malta for a Maltese market, and we’re trying our best to take away all the hassle that one expects with placing a booking at a restaurant.

Bookia is super easy to use and its aim is to make your booking process easier than ever; all you need to do is follow three simple steps.

Here's how it works

1. Search for your favourite restaurants

Choose a booking date and time, a cuisine type, and preferred city. Bookia will show you all the restaurants around Malta and Gozo that fit your search criteria.

2. Choose your restaurant and book a table

Choose the restaurant that tickles your fancy and input a few details – like the number of people who will be eating and whether you’d like to sit indoors or outdoors.

3. Get your order confirmed and dine out

Once you’ve received SMS & email confirmation, you’re set to attend to your reservation. Couldn’t be simpler if we tried.

You have over 200 restaurants to choose from including Michelin Star restaurants with new restaurants being added daily. There are also absolutely no commissions through Bookia, so rest assured that this website will seek to cater to just your needs, no matter what they might be.

Say goodbye to frustrating phone calls and endless messages just to get your table booked :)